(Metropolitan & First Principal of The Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary)




Born as the second son of Parekulathu Philipose and Mariyamma, on1963 July 30, Yakub received his theological education at Thrikkothamangalam Mor Sharbil Dayro under the tutelage of from Mor Dionysius Mikhayel and Kuttungal Geevarghese Ramban. Yakub was ordained as  mzamrono by Mor Dionysius Mikhayel on 6th May 1932 and as qoruyo by His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Elias III, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East. On April 10, 1941 he was elevated to kohanootho and completed Syriac language studies under Augen Mor Thimotheos, Ittira Malpan and Kochuparampil Geevarghese Ramban.



The St. Mary's Bethlehem Simhasana church at Thrikkothamangalam near Kottayam was established by  Mor Thimotheos Yakub Parayakulath, on 26th January 1975.  The church is located on the ancestral property of the late Metropolitan.  At the time of the founding of this church the Metropolitan was serving the St. James Church at Thrikkothamangalam as its parish Priest (Qashisho P P Yakub).  The unpleasant events that happened in that parish following the Church schism of 1970's made Qashisho Yakub to consider leaving the church where he served for 33 years.  A sizeable section of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians tried to discourage him from such drastic actions,  but the Qashisho proceeded with his decision.  Thus begins the history of the Simhasana church at Thrikkothamangalam. 



St. Mary's Bethlehem Simhasana Church, Thrikkothamangalam, resting place of Mor Thimotheos Yakub


The foundation stone for the new church building was laid on 2nd February 1975 by Metropolitan Mor Gregorios Geevarghese (Perumpilly Thirumeni) of Kottayam diocese.  Mor Thimotheos Yakub who was only a priest at that time, was consecrated Metropolitan four years later on 10th April 1979 , Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselios Palouse II  and was appointed as the first principal of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary at Udayagiri near Mulanthuruthy by the Malankara Episcopal Synod.  The Bethlehem church at Thrikkothamangalam was reconstructed by Mor Thimotheos later.


On 10th February 1986 Metropolitan Mor Thimotheos Yakub passed away and was entombed in the hayklo (nave) of the church on 11th.  The sacred tomb of Mor Thimotheos transformed this humble parish into a pilgrim centre where people from various castes and creeds seek his intercession.




Inside view of the church, the Sacred tomb and the belongings of Metropolitan Mor Thimotheos Yakub


A library and a meditation centre is has been established in the church compound in memory of the late Metropolitan. The mortal remains of Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Parekulathu (Babu Achen, 1944-2002) who was the vicar and administrator of St. Mary's Bethlehem church, and Rev. Fr. Jesus Kadiamthuruthel who was the Vicar of the St. George Jacobite Syrian church at Puthuppally (Puthuppally Valiyapally) are interred in the cemetery of this church.


Source of Photographs: Malankara Syriac Resource &

                                              Reji Zachariah, St. Mary's Bethlahem Patriarchal Church, Thrikkothamangalam



Fr. (Dr.). Mani Rajan's Book

Martyrs, Saints and Prelates of the Syrian Orthodox Church


47. Mor Themotheos Yacoub

(A. D. 1916-1986)


Yacoub (know as Kunji) was born on 31 July 1916 (15 Karkkidakom M. E. 1091) as the second son of Philippose and Mariamma of Parekulam family, Thrikkothamangalam. He completed his school education from the Middle School, Vakathanam and the High School, Puthuppally.


The theological studies of Yacoub were under Rev. Fr. Itteera, V. Rev. Kochuparambil Geevarghese Ramban, His Grace Mor Themotheos Augen, and His Grace Mor Dionysius Michael. In 1932, Yacoub was ordained Subdeacon (Korooyo) by H. H. Patriarch Moran Elias III. In the same year he was ordained Fulldeacon by Mor Dionysius Michael on 24 Medom M. E. 1107. In 1941, on the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord, he was ordained Priest at St. Ignatius Simhasana Church, Kottayam.


On 11 September 1976 Fr. Yacoub Parekulam was ordained Ramban and on 19 April 1979 Ramban Yacoub was ordained Metropolitan by name Themotheos by H. B. Catholicos Mor Baselius Paulose II. Mor Themotheos Yacoub served the Church as a teacher in different seminaries such as Mor Aphrem Seminary, Chingavanam; St. James Seminary, Perumpilly; Mor Julius Seminary, Malelcruz Dayara; and M. S. O. T. Seminary, Vettikkal, Mulanthuruthy.


His Grace was an example for a life of prayer.


In 1975, His Grace founded St. Mary’s Bethlehem Patriarchal church in his ancestral property for maintaining the true faith. His Grace celebrated Holy Qurbono on 18 January 1986 on the anniversary of Mor Dionysius Michael, at Pampady. On January 22 His Grace spoke at length about holy relics in connection with the relics of Saint Behanam at Poykkattussery St. Behanan’s church. His Grace fell sick on that evening and departed for the heavenly abode on 10 February 1986 at 9.10 p. m. at Ankamaly. The mortal remains are interred at St. Mary’s Bethlehem Patriarchal church, Thrikkothamangalam. The anniversary of Mor Themotheos Yacoub is celebrated on February10.



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